Fire In Your Belly

Fire In Your Belly is a crime monologue featuring Bembe, a notorious underworld gangster who confronts a new recruit that was brought to him by Timrod.

Bembe:  Iz no game, mon.  I sink a bullet in yo dome before you blink.  Eh?  You understand, boy?  You wanted in, now you in.  Ain’t no goin’ back home to mama and dada like a baby prince.

Tonight, you roll wit me and we see how you go.  Eh?  We see how bad the fire in your belly gonna be like.

Tink you know the slums.  Ha, ha!  My mon tink he know the struggle.  My boy Timrod don’t look so sure.  He bring you to me.  That true?  …Nothin’ I like least than to have some dude come to me growling like a lion but they turn out to be a little barking doggie.

You a barking dog or you a lion, son?

You know what the word repercussion mean?  Eh?  It mean that you foul up, I eat you raw.  This my business.  Ain’t no man tryin’ ta take me business boy, yeah? NO MAN!!!

…Look over there, what you see, what you see?  …Thazz my city…my home…there ain’t a drop a sugar dat I don’t hear fallin’.

Ain’t that right, Timrod?  Ha, ha, ha.  You think simba here gonna do good tonight or we gonna dump yo body in to da river?  Ha, ha.  He’s on you!

On you, mon…thazz how we do this shizz now.  (sniffs)  Thazz how.

Joseph Arnone


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