Fired Up

Fired Up is a teen guy monologue, BRYAN confronts a friend about how he found out he was talking trash behind his back and now their friendship is done.

Bryan: I’m so pissed off at you right now, bro.  I thought we were tight and instead you’re talking shit behind my back.  All this time I thought we were boys and you went behind my back.

Jessica told me what you said man and I know she isn’t lying, so that kills our friendship flat.  You can’t go behind someone’s back and say the things you said thinking it’s all good.


Doesn’t matter what you say now dog, we ain’t down like that no more and I guess we never were anyway if you were talking all that smack.

Yo, I don’t want to hear from you no more man.  I’m letting you off easy right now you understand me?  Don’t hit me up no more or I will bust your jaw line next time I see you.

(walks off)


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Joseph Arnone