Firmly, Deeply Rooted

Two men, CHIMER and FIROE talk on a New York City subway platform.  This is one of those scenes that are completely open for actor interpretation.

Firmly, Deeply Rooted

CHIMER: What do you think it looks like?

FIROE: Right now, it’s probably small, black, there’s hair on it…I see some white leakage but nothing major because it’s gonna keep growing.

CHIMER: Disgusting.

FIROE: It’s so dark that if you threw it in the woods during nighttime, you wouldn’t be able to keep your eyes on it.

CHIMER: Why don’t you do that?

FIROE: Do what?

CHIMER: Throw it in the woods during nighttime?

FIROE: …It doesn’t feel…(sighs)…I want to, but I don’t think I can.

CHIMER: Why not?

FIROE: Because it’s firmly, deeply rooted.

CHIMER: That’s no excuse.

FIROE: I want it out but I can’t seem to remove it on my own.

CHIMER: I can help.

FIROE: No, no you can’t.

CHIMER: How so?

FIROE: Only I can remove it.

CHIMER: I see. One of those.

FIROE: Yes, one of those.

CHIMER: I pity you.

FIROE: I pity myself.

CHIMER: Pity won’t get anyone anywhere in life.

FIROE: I know.

CHIMER: What are you going to do?

FIROE: I don’t know, Chimer.

CHIMER: You need to know. You must decide. You can’t leave it there. If you leave it there it will grow and change, becoming more distorted and evil and dark, it will grow and begin eating away at you, until you are gone and only it remains.

FIROE: Don’t you think I know all that?

CHIMER: So what will you do?

FIROE: I’m trying to figure it out.

CHIMER: Figure it out faster, sooner, quicker before it’s too late.

FIROE: Isn’t it already?

CHIMER: You are a fool of mankind. The purest and truest fool I’ve ever encountered. It is never too late. As long as you are alive.

FIROE: Just let me be. Do me a favor, don’t visit me anymore.

CHIMER: But I have to. There is nothing I can do about it.


CHIMER: He leaves me no choice. I will always be here until you remove it.

FIROE: Piss off.

CHIMER: Yes, I know but you are in the business of effing yourself, not others.
FIROE: I don’t need to hear this crap anymore. You are a waste! You haunt me in my dreams, while I’m awake and now you are demanding dialogue with me. Who the hell needs you?


FIROE: I don’t need you. I’ve never needed anyone!

CHIMER: Hmmm. How is that working out for you my boy?

FIROE: …I try…I try so hard…always…I need a break.

CHIMER: No, you need to give yourself a break. You need to release your own self-imposed burden.

FIROE: Am I crazy?


FIROE: Right.

CHIMER: But it doesn’t matter. Crazy is no excuse.

FIROE: I want to kick your ass.

CHIMER: You should. Maybe it will do you some good. (laughs)

FIROE: The reason I did this to myself is because it was all too easy. Do you understand? I didn’t deserve it, I didn’t want what I didn’t earn.


FIROE: Why should it be so easy? Who the hell am I?

CHIMER: You know who you are.

FIROE: It’s not fair!!

CHIMER: You make a valid point and you’ve certainly taken your time but at what point do you think it is time to finally get on with it as it should be?

FIROE: Let me decide on my own time.

CHIMER: (laughs) Yeah, your own time, eh? The dish has been fully seasoned my boy. Time to come out and play.

FIROE: Alright you prick, just let me be.

CHIMER: For now.


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