Fix The Car

In this dramatic monologue for a woman, DENISE is upset with her husband over their financial burdens and is reaching her ultimate breaking point.

DENISE: I’m dry.  I got nothing.  You keep borrowing money, Frank…you take and take and take and what do I have left?  Huh?  What have you left for me and the kids?


We’re never going to get ahead at this rate.  We have nothing for us.  Everything is about getting through the day.  This is it, this is our life.  I have to accept it.  There’s never going to be…


Take it out.  Take what we have left.  Fix the car.  You should have never of taken that car off your brother.  It’s done nothing but hold us down!  Fix this, fix that.  Like we needed this added expense!  Like we don’t already have enough over our heads putting food in our children’s mouths.  No, you and your genius brother thought it would be best to take on his car, right?  You’ve taken on his HEADACHE is what you’ve done.  He sees us struggling.  He goes out and buys himself a new cadillac, all fancy and he gives you, the idiot, a broken down car to drive around in.  Do me a favor, next time you make such a clever business deal, I want in, you discuss it with me, I am your wife!  The outside looks like vomit and the inside smells like vomit. You scored BIG!


Take the money out.  Fix the car.  Fix the Goddamn–whatever it’s called, fix it and be done with it.  We’ll survive, we always do…we always do.

Joseph Arnone