In this monologue, WILLA catches her fiance picking his nose and flick launching it across the living room.

WILLA: What was that?  No, really, what was that exactly that I just saw you do?  Did you…did you just flick something from your finger, Greg?  Hold on, wait a minute, wait just one freaking minute here, tell me now, whatever that thing was that you just finger launched between your thumb and index finger, that thing…was that a boogie?


Don’t remain silent and gawk at me, Greg…okay, this is that moment honey…this is that moment when couples need to be honest with one another.  Right here and now, it’s now baby…just tell me…did you pick your nose, roll your findings and (making launch sound)  sssszzzzzffffffff, flick it across our living room?  (beat)  Tell me now Greg or God help you!

(she shrieks)

Huuuuuh, you LIE!  You outright lied to me.  I watched you, Greg. I watched the whole entire episode.  I was standing right there, peering out from the kitchen.  I saw you go in, roll and flick.  You never got a tissue.  You just sat there watching t.v., like what you were doing was the most natural thing in the world.  You know why? Because it is to someone like you!

That is the wor—what the…Oh my G—it can’t be…(she peers in to examine closer)  on the upper left corner of the t.v. frame…is that what I think it is…GREG, is that, is that where he landed?

Joseph Arnone


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