Flying Kites

In this monologue, Bunsi tells a stranger at the beach why he enjoys flying kites.  Bunsi has the persona of a child more than a grown man.

BUNSI: Wanna try???  (beat)  They call me Bunsi.  I like to walk along the beach.  I like when the water swishes against my feet.  It’s always so ticklish.

Flying kites is my passion.  Ever since I was a little boy.  My father used to take me out to Coney Island and we used to stand by the water for hours, flying kites together.  My daddy showed me everything about flying kites.  He showed me how to get good hang time.  He showed me how to build kites too.  I miss my dad alot.

I like to fly kites for the children too.  They remind me of me when I was young.  I sometimes wonder if they have the same thoughts I do.  I guess they do because when you look into their tiny eyes, you will see fascination.  Same as me when I was little.  Although I am still fascinated.

I think I like flying kites most of all because it’s magical.  It brings us back to our inner innocence.  All you have to do is look up and fly.

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