Fog World

In Fog World, Sabrina confronts her brother about his loud headphone listening and in this monologue she has finally had enough of his antics.

(She pulls off her brother’s headphones)

SABRINA: What are you, deaf?  God gave you good hearing, why must you blast your music into your ear drum so loud?  I am ten feet away from you and it sounds like I’m in a club.  You are going to lose your hearing.  I need to concentrate on my homework and I don’t want to go in my room.  I was comfortable until you showed up.

Plus, you dance around the entire house like an ass, knocking into things and embarrassing yourself.  You remind me of the guy from that movie, (imitates guy) “Have you seen my baseball?” from that movie, “There’s Something About Mary.”  Yeah.  You are like Cameron Diaz’s brother in the movie.

You need to slow down and chill out a little bit.

(whispers to her brother)

Stop smoking so much pot, you freaking pot head.  It’s like you’re living in a fog world.  Snap out of it, before you knock over another one of mom’s vases, you sped.

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