In the drama monologue Forgotten, SAMANTHA talks to her boyfriend about how she feels he isn’t always there for her when she needs him. She explains how he makes her feel forgotten and that he needs to step up and be there for her when she needs him to be.

SAMANTHA: It’s always about you, you know. I just–(sighs) why does the world have to revolve around YOU? I mean, I know you care about me and my life and what I’m going through and the things that I want in my life and stuff but it’s always about you, you, YOU. It’s all you ever do, talk about what you’re doing and what YOU have going on and it’s like you get so wrapped up in your cocoon, that I feel left out and forgotten.

And even when you ask me, when you talk about me, like when you actually stop a moment and talk to me about what matters to me, it’s like you are forcing yourself to do it. Like it doesn’t really matter to you and I know it does John, I know it matters to you, I’m not saying that but I just feel like it should matter more. Like, I should matter more to you, my feelings, my ambitions…

You give me two minutes and in the next breath you begin blabbing about this meeting or this project, or all these things and I’m happy for you, really…I know how hard you work and I want only the best things for you John. You know that…

I just want more time for me…you need to be there for me more, I feel neglected and forgotten and I REALLY wanted, I really didn’t want to have to tell you all this…I was hoping you would do it on your own and I’ve waited but, I can’t wait anymore.

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