Form of Clarity

In this female drama monologue, AUDREY is trying to say she’s sorry to her boyfriend, while at the same time trying to better communicate their lack of communication to one another.

(sitting down)

AUDREY:  How have you been?

(she briefly touches her lips with a finger)

What’s wrong?

(she wipes her bangs out from her eyes with a finger)

…I know this is hard for you right now.  I don’t know why you take this so, dramatically.  All I said was—I’m not saying that I don’t have consideration for your feelings, cause I do, I do, you know that about me, with people I love…

Could you, can you just look at me, Charles?  …Okay?


Well, you don’t have to give me that look.  All I’m saying here is that I think you get too emotional. You overreact.  I’m not sure if it’s the pills you’ve been taking—I don’t know but I didn’t mean to hurt you.  I swear.  I understand what it meant to you tonight.  I understand you more than we ever speak to one another about….

(she runs her finger up and down her knee)

You know?  (she ever so briefly touches her neck with her finger followed by her mouth) I want us to be clear with that.  I’m not so sure I’m being—I didn’t intend to hurt your feelings, okay?


(she stands and stares at him)

I love you very much.  I put myself first tonight and part of me eeeeeeeh but the other part of me is just so damn bitter at what you did to me last year and rrrrrrrr I didn’t want to talk about all this…shit!

Shit, shit, is what it all is…all of it…this.  You know what I’m saying! You know the truth as much—just once I’d like to tell you—I’ve never not—and that should say something to you!!

(she wiggles her fingers in the air)

If we can have some form of clarity, some kind of; GRRR!  You know?  Just..GRR!  For once!   Maybe it could/would get us on/going in the right way.

(She walks out of the room)

Joseph Arnone


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