Free Monologue Contest Pieces for Teens

Are you a teen actor looking for free monologue contest pieces?  Monologue contests can expose teen talent to agents, casting directors, and producers.

Monologues contests for stage & film have been around for years.  Taking advantage of opportunities when they come is a great way for teen actors to get in on the action and gain valuable experience.

Monologue Blogger shares a collection of monologue contest pieces to help you find what you are looking for.

Our teen monologues cover a wide range of topics and subject matter:

  • Identity, love, trust, family drama, friendship, stress, career, obsession, jealousy, money, school, life changing decisions and much more.

Free Monologue Contest Pieces for Teens

Free Monologue Contest Pieces for Teens

  1. Where Do People Get Their Manners? – Jasmine works for a sneaker store and is fed up with how customers treat her.
  2. Shadows of My Mind – Naomi seeks help and guidance from her Aunt because she thinks she suffers from a severe case of depression and anxiety.
  3. Some People Realize Things Later On – Veronica has finally discovered that she wants to be a schoolteacher.  The only problem is that her family doesn’t believe in her due to her track record.
  4. False Make Out – Cassandra hooked up with her friend at a house party and realizes she doesn’t want to date him.
  5. Something Else Takes Over – Taliyah talks to her Aunt about the constant arguing and temper tantrums she has with her mother.
  6. Light, Somewhere – Helena doesn’t want to be an actress but she doesn’t know how to tell her father because it makes him so happy.
  7. Causing A Scene – Charlie’s cousin is always causing trouble, which is why he doesn’t want to hang out with him anymore.
  8. In Your Way – Teddy stands up against the verbal abuse he faces from his older brother.
  9. Ask Her Out – Daniel likes his best friend’s sister but doesn’t want to lose his friendship.  In this monologues he comes to terms with his situation.
  10. Rosy, Peachy, Apple Eating Life – Samantha has never been close with her parents.  Her college roommate can’t live without her parents.
  11. See Me – Alina is doubting whether or not she should continue being an actor.
  12. Under Your Spell – Hendrick thinks a spell has been placed on him to not meet girls.
  13. Before I Give Out – Perla is feeling the pressures of career and college and it may be too much for her to handle.
  14. Attention – Michelle confronts her sister over the family drama she always seems to create.
  15. Same Thing – Tara admits to her friend that they have been in a secret battle with one another.
  16. Stop Playing The Victim – Sally cares about her friend but she can’t tolerate the negative attitude and outlook on everything from her anymore.
  17. Agree To Disagree – this monologue is about how friends are better off being open and honest with one another.
  18. Potato Head – Ronda wants her cousin to go out with her and her friends and doesn’t want to see her cousin always stay home and watch television.
  19. Typical Teen – Shadira talks with her mother about her deep need to receive more support and love for her chosen ambitions.
  20. Growing A Full Mustache – Tim is desperately trying to figure out how to be more manly and he decides to grow his own mustache with no luck.
  21. Just So You Know – Sally wants to be treated right by her sister and in this monologue she tells her where she ultimately stands.
  22. My Side of Things – Clara lets her sister know that she doesn’t appreciate how stubborn she can be most of the time and how it ruins their relationship as sisters.
  23. Heavy Cough – Emilia simply doesn’t feel healthy and in this monologue she wants her Mother to understand she’s not joking.
  24. Telling Secrets – Sarah is upset that her best friend told the guy she likes that she is crushing on him.
  25. Please Forgive Me – Jesse has struggles at home and unfortunately he has a tendency to take it out on his girlfriend who he loves.
  26. Come Together In A Joyful Manner – Carol wants to see her family get along…just once.
  27. Not Feeling You – Cassandra accidentally kissed one of her guy friends at a beer party and now regrets it.
  28. Old Enough To Work – Martin rages at his Mother for never having any food in their refrigerator but he instantly recognizes that he shouldn’t have expressed himself in such a way towards his mother.
  29. Anything Sweet Stays – Carolina battles her bloated feeling and blames it on her allergies.
  30. The Baby Hasn’t been Fed Yet – Tiffany lashes out at her Uncle for not being pleasant during a meaningful holiday.
  31. I Liked Her First – Sergio is betrayed by his long time friend over a girl they both like.
  32. Lick My Wounds – Crystal and her boyfriend have been having issues and in this monologue she talks to him about breaking up.
  33. Never Been Kissed – Kerry has never kissed a guy before and although she wants to, she isn’t so sure she is ready to do so.
  34. Know What You Are Worth – Janet wants to see her sister have more confidence in her life.
  35. We Will Cross That Bridge When We Come To It – Andy doesn’t want an exclusive relationship with the girl he’s dating.  He wants to take things much slower.
  36. Corner Store – Jasmine wants to get her close friend to stop partying too much, too often.
  37. Real Dad – Ashley talks to her father about his drinking problem.
  38. One Thing – Brianna is clearly focused on me treating her with respect and dignity.
  39. Figuring Out My Purpose – Elena has been struggling with figuring out who she wants to be when it comes to her career and life path.
  40. Bring About Change – Melani wants to make a difference in the world.
  41. Bad Look – Emily has a friend who has an awkward laugh and she tries to figure a way to tell her to tone it down.
  42. Picking out A Prom Dress – Lianna tries to convince her father to give her more money for a prom dress.
  43. Stacy’s Eyes – Cristina is so put off by Stacy’s eye flirtation with guys.
  44. Chasing, Jeremy – Kimberly experiences young puppy love.
  45. The World Is Not Kind – Polly shares her need with her family about wanting to be treated as an adult from now on.
  46. Please Tell Me How – Cornelia is trying to get past the death of her father.
  47. A Walk in the Sun – Alderon is having second thoughts about having his girlfriend join him as a vampire.
  48. A Higher Level of Talk – Bart wishes he was smarter because he failed miserably with a girl he had the hots for.
  49. Cider, Baby  – Sophie has an obsession with apple cider and this monologue depicts that obsession.
  50. Tis Pity He’s A Brother  – In this monologue, Lorelli tells her brother Harold that he needs to do more work for the family.
  51. I Don’t Want To Be A House Wife – Kendal is sick of doing ‘female’ oriented chores and lashes out at her family.
  52. Sly Statements – Melanie wants to be treated more lovingly from her boyfriend who seems to do the opposite all too often.
  53. Bubble World – Jasmine wants to see her cousin care more about other people and not be so self-absorbed in life.
  54. Breaking Up for Good – Crystal thinks it’s time her and her boyfriend break up.
  55. Mind Trick – a darker monologue piece about strange thoughts.
  56. I’m Not Dumb – Tabitha talks to her guidance counselor about her intelligence and deep desire to feel smart and good about herself.
  57. Not Making It Anymore – Jack and his girlfriend of three years may have finally reached the point of breaking up for good.
  58. Same Routine, Different Day – Cheyenne complains to her Grandmother about how strict her father is and how he needs to lighten up and give her space to live her life.
  59. Mad Mike – Mike wants to be a rap legend but the only problem is he still lives at home.
  60. True Calling – Charla gives advice to her friend on not giving up on her dreams.


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