Fresh Batch of Contemporary Male Monologues

Check out these popular 7 contemporary male monologues.  Some are comedic and others dramatic.  If monologues below don’t satisfy your needs, go to our main male monologues section for thousands more.

  1. Matter of Seconds – HARRISON talks to his wife about her need to lash out at him if he makes a poor decision on her behalf.
  2. Common Courtesy – This monologue explores basic common decency for your fellow person. 
  3. Step Down – Ashton talks to one of his closest friends about not committing suicide.  His friend Roger has called him on his cellphone with suicidal ramblings.  Ashton has gone to the roof of his friend’s building where Roger plans to jump.  
  4. Someone That Truly Matters – The Waiter talks to a regular customer about finding someone special.
  5. Decisions, Decisions – FITCH is a bar owner who works his own bar counter most nights.  He shares a story about what took place only the night before in his establishment.
  6. Man Called John – John has been seeing a psychiatrist to help him cope with his physical deformity. He shares a recent experience of becoming friends with a fly.
  7. My Best Customer – about a drug dealer’s perspective on how selling drugs makes him feel good.
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