Friends With Nutjob

In this monologues, JESSICA complains about her obsessive friend.

JESSICA:  You ever have one of those friends who won’t leave you alone?  I have this new friend, Rina.  She will call me fifty times in one day just to say hello.  If we make plans, forget it, she will call me one hundred  times.  I don’t know if she’s lonely, if she doesn’t have any other friends or family even.  Strange.  She’s a neighbor of mine, actually, she lives around the corner from me and we somehow kept bumping into one another and got to talking, which led to more communication and now she goes on like we’re best friends for years.

She is so punctual.  It makes me angry.  I am talking the second to the minute.  Its good to be punctual  but I don’t know, I’m rambling about her.  It’s just that I feel like I hang out for her, to please her, not so much for me.  Is that wrong of me?

I don’t need this crap in my life.  I hope she doesn’t turn out being one of those fatal attraction types.  Then I’d have to go to the police and all this drama…I couldn’t imagine it all.

Figures it would be my luck to make friends with a nutjob.

Joseph Arnone


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