Full Circle

Full Circle, a short dramatic scene for 2 female actors.  TANYA and BEVERLY were two former best friends who happen to bump into one another at a city park.

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Full Circle

Tanya: All you had to say was sorry.

Beverly: Sorry, for what?

Tanya: For walking out on me, the way that you did.

Beverly: I gave you notice.  I told you two weeks before I left.

Tanya: You told me, knowing I couldn’t make the rent.  You abandoned me so you can go move in with that slut.  How did that work out for you?

Beverly: Went nowhere.

Tanya: Good.

Beverly: You don’t need to be a bitch about it, Tanya.

Tanya: I don’t? What if I did that to you?  We were supposed to be best friends.  I never would have picked up and left you like that.  And if I had to leave so badly, I would have first made sure you were good.

Beverly: I was in love, okay? I thought I finally met the woman of my dreams.  Why is that so hard for you to understand?

Tanya: You still haven’t grown up.  You’re actually going to deny your actions.

Beverly: Grow up? Why don’t you grow up and forget it? It’s been like ten years ago. Why wouldn’t you want to start fresh?

Tanya: Who said we were starting anything fresh?  We just so happened to bump into one another.  And I’m not someone who forgets the past.

Beverly: Fine, hold a grudge your entire life!

Tanya: I don’t want to hold a grudge and in fact, I’ve already forgiven you but I want to see that you actually have the ability to acknowledge what you did as being wrong.

Beverly: I didn’t think it was a big deal at the time.  The way we were both living our lives.  Let’s be honest, we were younger and wild.  There was so much bad energy coming from you during that time, I needed to get away from it.  You weren’t kind to me.

Tanya: I was the one who took you in.  I saw where you were in your life and you needed help.

Beverly: You needed help too, don’t be so full of shit.

Tanya: I would have been fine either way, Beverly.  You were hanging on by a thread and I gave you a helping hand.  I helped give you direction in your life too because you were flailing.  You forget.  I was the only one who was truly there for you and I felt like you stabbed me in the back.  You should have talked to me…if we were that close, you should have spoken to me about what you were going through and I would have been there.

Beverly: Honestly, you have a dark side and I really felt threatened by you.  I can handle myself but I really thought that you would have done something we both would have regretted.

Tanya: That sucks to hear you say.  I know I have a dark side but do you really believe for a second I would have ever of done anything to hurt you?  How long do you know me?  Have I ever hurt you before?

Beverly: You have a strong force around you.  That’s why I feel like you shouldn’t blame me for leaving the way I did.

Tanya: Well, I still think it was pretty shitty.  Despite everything.  We were tight.

Beverly: We were…and I’ve been there for you too, you know.  You’re not the only one in our friendship who was there when needed.

Tanya: I know that.

Beverly: Look, maybe I should have spoken to you, honestly, about everything.  I was in a weird place in my life, you know that…maybe it was selfish, I didn’t really take you into consideration as much but—

Tanya: I forgive you, like I said…I know.  I was mad at you for shit at the time too and perhaps I should have opened up to you about those things as well.  You were sneaky about some shit behind my back and it made me angry.

Beverly: Like what?

Tanya: You know.  Come on.  I introduced you guys.  You didn’t need to hide it from me and go about your relationship in hiding.  I wanted you both to date and become an item, it’s why I introduced you both to begin with.  Your actions made no sense and neither did hers.  She was another friend I cared deeply about and she completely became someone else I never knew she had in her to become.  The both of you really shocked me.

Beverly: You know what?  Thinking back on it.  I was an a-hole, wasn’t I?

Tanya: Yeah, but let it go.  I don’t have time to hold on to negativity.  I wasn’t perfect, either.  (beat)  Have you spoken to her at all?

Beverly: Nope.  When we broke up, she disappeared completely.

Tanya: Wow.  You got a taste of your own medicine, eh?

Beverly: …I had it coming.

Tanya: I’ve been in touch with her…actually, she reached out to me.  We even met for coffee and ironed some things out.

Beverly: You’re kidding.

Tanya: I guess we’ve all come full circle, at least according to my perspective. Perhaps I can bridge the gap for you two, get you both to meet and make peace.

Beverly: How is she?

Tanya: She’s good.  She’s married and looking to adopt.  She changed her whole life.  Went back to school and became an accountant.

Beverly: An accountant?

Tanya: Yep.

Beverly: I can’t believe she wants a kid.  It wasn’t even a thought for her at the time.

Tanya: People change.  Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.


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