Funny Face

In Funny Face, VIN talks to his partner about what he experienced in the process of killing the dead guy they have in the trunk of their car.

VIN: Where we dumpin’ the body, Moe? Been driving around since forever. Seriously. Let’s get there already man. I’m freakin starving.

(starts laughing to himself)  Not for nothin’ but did you notice the faces he was making? No, seriously though. I never saw a guy make so many weird faces. He reminded me of that guy from The Honeymooners, the fat one. What the hell was his name? Ralph! (imitating Norton)  “Hey, Ralphy boy!”  Ha Ha.  Anyway, while he was dying, he looked just like Ralphy boy from all the faces he was making, right?  Didn’t he?  I never knew a face could stretch and move in so many directions.  It was like he was an animation.  I almost didn’t want him to die because it was so amazin’.  I couldn’t stop watchin’ ’em.

…Eh, whatever…we almost there yet or what?  I gotta eat.  Stomach is starting to hurt.


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