Genuine Article

Darleen has literally had her business stolen from her and is forced to come to terms with what she is going to do next…1 woman, 1 man.  Drama.

Genuine Article

Sam: You have to just walk away from it.

Darleen: I don’t want to walk away from it.

Sam: I know but if you don’t, all hell is gonna break loose.

Darleen: She should have thought about that.

Sam: Angel, listen to me…I know how you feel—

Darleen: Do you? Do you have any idea what this woman did to me?

Sam: I most certainly do.

Darleen: I’m gonna tear her face off!

Sam: Okay, okay…(beat)…look, if we don’t rush things—

Darleen: Please, Sam, I can’t deal with one of your long philosophy talks right now.

Sam: Just hold your horses…I’m making sense if you only calm down a touch a listen.

Darleen: Go on.

Sam: All I want to say is that if you wait…think things through…you will be able to get what you want. Going about things the way you are about to is wrong. It’s wrong for your integrity, it’s wrong for your business.

Darleen: What business? She took everything from me!

Sam: Did she?

Darleen: Of course she has.

Sam: Not necessarily. The people in this town love you. They go each day to drop their kids off to YOU. She may have swiped the rug out from under your feet but what did she really gain? The people will follow you, especially when they learn of what she did and how she did it.

Darleen: I’m so stupid, I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming.

Sam: She hid her true motives from you. You trusted her. There is no way you could have seen this coming. Don’t blame yourself, Darleen.

Darleen: I suck at business. If I was any good, I would have sensed something.

Sam: You’re excellent at business. You have the personal touch, charm, people like being around you, they trust you because you’re the genuine article. You can’t teach that. It’s a gift.

Darleen: What am I supposed to do now, Sam? I have nothing. She took everything…

Sam: She took a location and a name. She forgot the most important aspect…you.

Darleen: That’s all well and good but how am I going to get a new start? I don’t have a penny to my name.

Sam: You have a house.

Darleen: So?

Sam: Why not open up a new day care center inside your own home?

Darleen: Is that even allowed?

Sam: Sure is…anything is possible if you have the will power to make it so…

Darleen: I never thought about that before. It’s a lot to take on.

Sam: I’m here. I have nothing else to do with myself. I’ll assist you with everything. Heck, we can get you started immediately.

Darleen: I don’t know nothing about the business stuff of setting it all up and the laws and everything.

Sam: It’s time you learn.

Darleen: I don’t think I can ever pull something like that off.

Sam: Sure you can.

Darleen: You think too high of me.

Sam: You love children?

Darleen: I do.

Sam: And you know why inside yourself you do what you do for them?

Darleen: Yeah…

Sam: That fire you have in you, that’s not something to throw away like it doesn’t matter. It matters. The work you give matters. That’s worth fighting for, don’t you think?

Darleen: It’s a lot for me to take in right now.

Sam: You can do anything in this life, Darleen. I believe in you and I know you will succeed.

Darleen: You really don’t think I’m crazy?

Sam: I know you’re crazy and that’s why I know you can do it.

Darleen hugs Sam.


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