Gerard Talks To His Bartender

Gerard talks to his bartender friend Adelaide about how he wishes he was closer to his daughter and he seeks her advice on how to proceed.

Gerard:  I look back on my life and I see all the mistakes I’ve made.  The worst thing about it is that I can’t go back in time and change things.  Why wasn’t I smart enough to know better at the time?

I think about my daughter and all the issues we both have and I blame myself.  I do.  I know we aren’t as close as we could be because of my own failures as a human being.

My wife…ex-wife I should say…I still love her…she dealt with all my problems way longer than she needed to.  She should have left me years ago.  She’s a special woman.  I just hope that she finds a man who can treat her the way she deserves to be treated.  God knows I couldn’t.  I wasn’t good enough.  Not because I didn’t want to…just didn’t know how…does that make sense?

(sighs)  I lost my family and it’s my fault.  There’s no one else to blame, really.  I’m the man and it was my job to keep things together.

I know my wife, ex-wife and I—our relationship is done but I hope my daughter, I hope that we can come to terms with things and be closer.  I’m hopeful of that.

I need to know how to go about it, though.  Which is why I’m here to see you…you know my situation…how do I fix what’s broken?  How do I get my daughter in my life without me forcing it.  Nothing would make me happier in my life than for her to want to spend time with me on her own.

How do I make that happen?

Joseph Arnone