Get Settled

In this teen male monologue, Get Settled, JOSH is talking to his Grandpa about how he has to defend himself against the school bully.

JOSH:  Well, Grandpa, I’m not going to have a choice.  I’m gonna have to fight ’em.  I’ve warned him so many times but he won’t shut his big stupid face and I keep telling him to stop, stop, stop and he won’t.  Now, he’s acting all tough in front of our friends, trying to make me look like I’m scared of him or something…so, I think I’m going to have to go and fight him because I can’t let him keep thinking it’s alright to try to say things to me he shouldn’t keep saying.  I’ve given him enough warnings and he keeps doing it and it’s getting worse, so I think before he goes too far, it needs to get settled.


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Joseph Arnone