How To Get Your Short Film Reviewed on MB

If you are a filmmaker, actor, content creator or producer, you may be asking yourself, “Where can I get my short film reviewed?”

Monologue Blogger (MB) encourages and supports filmmakers because we too are creators and want to share good work with our community.

If you’ve made a short film and you’re looking for some promotion, give MB a try.  We can’t guarantee we’ll review your film but it won’t cost you anything, so you have nothing to lose by submitting your short film to us.

Get Your Short Film Reviewed

Have a look at our submission guidelines.  It’s pretty straightforward and easy to send us your short film.

As mentioned, there is no cost factor to you because we understand how costly making a film can be.  Not to mention the price you pay for festival submissions as well.

Things add up.

A creator can spend quite a bit of money for a short project and run out of gas for lack of funding for marketing and promotion.

There have been horror stories of budding filmmakers whose short films have been sitting on the shelf for years, never seeing the light of day because they simply ran out of money for marketing.

This is where MB steps in and wishes to introduce you to our audience of half a million monthly visitors.  Our audience is a mix of young, hip, influential, creative, passionate and intelligent artisans who truly love all things entertainment.

We connect your film to the kind of people who want to watch your film work!

MB has been bridging this gap having reviewed an estimated 400 short films this past year alone and growing.

Not only are we interested in getting your short film reviewed, but if we really dig your film, we may approach you for an interview as well.

How We Promote Your Short Film

Here are some of the cool things that happen with your short film review:

  • Exposure on MB’s platform to hundreds of thousands of people.
  • Social media shout outs.
  • Short film review includes links back to your own site where possible.
  • Inclusion in our newsletter.

What We Share

  1. Storytelling Skills – the ability to tell a short story on film.
  2. Production Value – quality production value.
  3. Original Execution – a unique way of expressing the story’s concept.

How To Get Your Short Film Reviewed

We’ve helped market some really cool projects and the creatives behind such projects.  Here are a few testimonials.

We do receive short film submissions on a daily basis but our team is dedicated to getting the job done.

We watch all films submitted and based on our guidelines make a deciding factor as to whether or not your short film gets reviewed.

If your film isn’t selected, it doesn’t necessarily mean your short wasn’t any good.  It can simply mean that the nature of your film’s content wasn’t the right fit for our audience.

Don’t forget to also factor in that there is quite a bit of submissions going on and there needs to be a pick and choose element to this whole thing.  Which is never easy.

Basically, we review films we like.

We’re not into bashing films or filmmakers.  So the good news is that if you are accepted for a short film review, it will offer a positive stance on your work.

We prefer to highlight what we liked about your movie.  This can cover the subject matter, characters, story narrative, the way it was shot and so many other possibilities that may strike us.

This is why we mention the whole support filmmakers concept because that’s how we wish to represent film creators who are out there trying to make something happen through the art of storytelling.

Traditional short film review sites charge money and also run you the risk of getting a bad rap on your film before it even gets a chance to leave the starting gate.  It’s like you’re paying to enter the slaughter house.

MB doesn’t roll like that.

We don’t want your money and we only provide a short film review for films we enjoy.  Plain and simple folks.

Our mission is to truly develop our outlet for film creators who have the chance to experience a short film review and screening in front of a global audience.

This does not guarantee ‘hits’ or that your film will suddenly go viral.  What we do offer you is the opportunity to reach a market via our online venue.  However you wish to capitalize on that is solely up to your own marketing skills via internet.  (the most cost efficient way these days)

Once you have your short film reviewed, it’s important to not only share it with friends and family but more strategically with industry professionals, especially when submitting a press release to festivals worldwide.

Any marketing your short film receives that supports the work you do is something you should always do your best to take advantage of.

Short films are often considered a saturated market, however we believe that together we can put a dent in the industry that will have a positive impact on your work.

We appreciate your submission and look forward to watching your short film.

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