Getting Ready

In comedy monologue Getting Ready, Leo complains to his friend about how long it takes his girlfriend to get ready and how he’s always stuck waiting.

LEO: Why do women always have to make men wait before we go out?  Hours.  It’s unbelievable.  It is a forever process.  Forever to get into the shower, forever to take the shower, forever to dry themselves after the shower, forever to choose what they are wearing, forever to put on make up, forever to do their hair, forever to stare at themselves in the mirror.

But it’s worth it.  Listen, Janine takes a minimum and I mean minimum of three hours to get ready and that’s without prep time.  Prep time is running her errands, getting all her pedicure stuff done, tanning, buying a new outfit just for the night we are going out, getting her hair did and on and on.

But it’s worth it.  When a woman is done getting ready, it is like being given entrance into the gates of heaven.  First off, my girl looks gorgeous and secondly, I am totally excited that she is finally ready to go out, so I am extra happy.

What a process men go through.

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