Ghost of Richard

Short script, Ghost of Richard, Alexis & Oscar are in the heat of an argument because their marriage isn’t based on love but rather forced arrangement.  Drama. 2 people.

Ghost of Richard

OSCAR:  While I’m out working the field you have various lovers coming in and out of our home like you are running some sort of brothel.

ALEXIS:  We have an agreement.

OSCAR:  Yes, I know we have an agreement but…

ALEXIS:  I do not love you.

OSCAR:  Need you remind me?

ALEXIS:  Don’t forget the reason why we married.

OSCAR:  I imagined over time that perhaps you could look past things and open your heart.

ALEXIS:  My heart is open to only one man.

OSCAR:  But he’s dead!

ALEXIS:  There is no proof!

OSCAR:  His absence is proof enough!

ALEXIS:  He will return!

OSCAR:  You are my wife!

ALEXIS:  Do you think your ring will anchor me?  Do you believe that I will be forced to live this miserable life with you forever?  Each day I grow darker, further…it won’t be long…I keep round because I pray that one day, one day he will return and pull me from the grips of you.  I hang on, barely, hoping he will soon arrive before the life left in me drains out.

OSCAR:  You disgust me!

ALEXIS:  Hahaha, disgust?  I am the greatest thing that ever happened to you. Without me you’d have nothing.  You should worship the ground I walk on you peasant.  I despise your entire being.

OSCAR:  If the love of your life were to come back and save you, as you put it to me, do you think for one moment he would still want you?

ALEXIS:  There is no reason—

OSCAR:  You are polluted!  A man of his stature, so grand and impeccable as you claim, would never permit his good name to be dragged down and beaten by your affairs.  He will become the laughing stock of all ages!  Ha!

ALEXIS:  Richard will love me no matter the wiser.

OSCAR:  Foolish woman! I assure you, he will look upon you with scornful eyes.

ALEXIS:  He will look upon me with heart and soul.

OSCAR:  Keep reading your romance novels.  Dream the great big dream.  Lies!  All lies!  Lies of the mind.  He is dead, I feel it in my bones.

ALEXIS:  Never!  If he is dead in the flesh, he is alive in spirit and that is all I need.

OSCAR:  All you need?  Do you dare tell me that you would prefer Richard’s ghost over my flesh and blood?

ALEXIS:  Your flesh and blood are repulsive to me.  You are repugnant.  And YOU are the laughing stock.  You!  I tell each man that will have me to go out into the world and travel great distances spreading the truth that you knowingly married a strumpet.  Who is the fool now?  You are the lowest of the low.  You think you are some great conqueror when all you are is a bully and a thief.

OSCAR:  Have you no shame?

ALEXIS:  Have you no blame?

OSCAR:  You are blind to my achievements, to my aspirations.

ALEXIS:  I do not see what you call achievement as such.

OSCAR:  In time you will change.


OSCAR:  Time heals all wounds.

ALEXIS:  I will never love you.

OSCAR:  You may never love me Alexis but one day you will accept me. I am confident of that fact.

ALEXIS:  Haven’t you heard anything I’ve said?

OSCAR:  I have heard it all.

ALEXIS:  Impossible.

OSCAR:  Patient.

ALEXIS:  You are mad.

OSCAR:  Perhaps, I am.

ALEXIS:  I have no respect for you.

OSCAR:  I will never allow you to leave.

ALEXIS:  I have already left.


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