In the short monologue Gift, AMOS is a psychic who enters an audition room and says the following...

Amos: Hi, I’m a friend.  Pleasure to meet you.  Today, I’d like to talk to you about you.  You see, I know you.  I do.  I know you very well, actually.  Now look, I’m not trying to worry you or make you nervous or anything like that but, I know you.  I know your name.  Where you live.  What you had for breakfast. How you actually really feel about doing what you are doing today, staring at me and what you may be wondering.

I have to start out saying things this way in order to gain your attention.  Do I have your attention?

…I’m actually not here for what you think I’m here for…instead, I’m here to give you a gift.  I was told to come here today to meet with you in person and to tell you the following:

“Forgive the person who hurt you deeply and let it go.  It’s time to let it go.”

That’s my message for you.  That is why I’ve come here, today.  I hope my words find meaning for you.  There is nothing else I am to say.  My apologies for the intrusion.

Have a beautiful day and thank you for your time.

Joseph Arnone


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