Giving The Best Of Who You Are

In Giving The Best of Who You Are, CASEY talks to her friend about why she thinks relationships fail when they fail based on her own personal experience.

CASEY: I think that there’s a line in relationships that we shouldn’t cross.  You know how when you first meet someone, someone in particular that you may have an attraction to; and you are on your best behavior; at least most of us act this way.  We want to show the best of ourselves to the person we like.  Now, let’s say that things work out and you find yourself in a relationship with this same person months later or what have you…sooner or later I think most of us fall into a place of comfortability and we stop giving the best of who we are to that person…we begin taking them for granted…we begin showing “other” sides to our personality that aren’t as tasteful as the original ones we first revealed.

Then what seems to take place is a battle…a battle between two people that have feelings for one another because they have reached a point where they stopped caring to give their best.  It becomes about winning points and dominance and wrongs and rights, instead of the beautiful purity it once was in the beginning.

I think where people go wrong when relationships don’t work out is that they give up on working to give the person they care about the best of who they are.

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