Go After Your Full Potential

Go After Your Full Potential is a monologue rant from IDA who wants to see her cousin reach her full potential, instead of making up excuses for inaction.

IDA:  You have so much potential inside of you it’s frightening.  Do you realize that?  Yeah, you think you have some skills but are you really going after your full potential?

I don’t have the time in my life anymore to give you advice, to have three hour conversations like we used to and it’s not because I love you less or don’t care, it’s because we’re grown women and I’m busy with my own life.

At some point you should have switched gears.  At some point you need to cut loose all that High School drama and enter the real world and make something of your talent.

How much time do you waste each day?  How much time do you put into the thing that matters most to you?  Thinking about it means nothing.

We can think all day about what we want, let’s be honest.  We can be geniuses in our own minds all day long but do you take action…are you taking steps toward your passion?

We haven’t spoken in months because I want to see you figure it out already…the light bulb still hasn’t gone on yet.  Turn it on!  Get serious through progress, instead of all your thinking, thinking, thinking…

You have one life, and poof, it’s gone, like a flash…it’s up to you how much light you want to put in this world.

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