Godspeed, Mr. Edington

Godspeed, Mr. Edington is a short period drama script taking place between 1 woman 1 man inside a living room, during the Industrial Age.

Godspeed, Mr. Edington

LEXUS DU PONTE:  Mr. Edington, my husband has no idea you have come to visit?

MR. EDINGTON:  Well, that leaves me a bit worrisome.

LEXUS DU PONTE:  No need to be worried…

MR. EDINGTON:  What say you?

LEXUS DU PONTE:  I have asked you to come because I need your help.


LEXUS DU PONTE:  My husband is losing his business.

MR. EDINGTON:  Losing his business?

LEXUS DU PONTE:  That is correct.

MR.  EDINGTON:  How is that at all possible?

LEXUS DU PONTE:  The Baker Railroad contract has been shut down.

MR: EDINGTON:  How?  Why?

LEXUS DU PONTE:  Mr. Chambers withdrew the permit.

MR. EDINGTON:  …I see.

LEXUS DU PONTE:  Mr. Chambers works for the others…he won’t allow the work to continue to its completion because of his loyalties.  You know my husband Charles, he is beside himself and he will stop at nothing to get the job done but now his hands are tied…I am deeply concerned.  We have already overextended our credit and if the construction isn’t allowed to proceed, we will go bankrupt.  Do you understand the severity of Mr. Chambers decision upon us?

MR: EDINGTON:  What would you have me do?

LEXUS DU PONTE:  I would urge you to speak with Mr. Chambers, at my request.

MR: EDINGTON:  That’s out of the question.  There is simply no way I can persuade him to alter his mind.

LEXUS DU PONTE:  I see…we will lose everything, not only the business but our livelihood Mr. Edington.

MR. EDINGTON:  …This is the price of business—

LEXUS DU PONTE:  This is the price of being a fair man.  My husband is honest, hardworking and because he tries to do things correctly, legally they bully him into submission.

MR. EDINGTON:  Honesty can lead to foolery.

LEXUS DU PONTE:  How dare you?!

MR. EDINGTON: Perhaps I should be going.

LEXUS DU PONTE:  I do shutter to ever imagine my own involvement in my husband’s affairs…

MR. EDINGTON:  I don’t understand.

LEXUS DU PONTE:  There is much distance between us Mr. Edington.

MR. EDINGTON:  I’m not sure I follow you…

LEXUS DU PONTE:  A world exists in which you know not.  Am I confusing you?  I must be confusing you.  Forgive me.

Well, there are people I know who have an extremely strong relation to me, who love me and would like only good things for me and the well being of my family…they will see to it that things get done, no matter the cost, time, effort or consequence.  These relations, if you will, are quick to the ask and passionate to the thrust.

Yes, they can work things out manageably with Mr. Chambers, quite rapidly in fact but they are the sort of people that one doesn’t really want to introduce.  Even my husband has never met them.

My point being, if you are still with me, Mr. Edington, sir, is that YOU will be the ONE to speak to Mr. Chambers on Charles’ behalf because you DO have the power to alter Mr. Chambers mind.

MR. EDINGTON:  Dear, dear…do you know what you are even saying, Mrs. Du Ponte?

LEXUS DU PONTE:  Mr. Edington, are you unsure about what you are hearing?

MR. EDINGTON:  I think I shall go.

LEXUS DU PONTE:  Yes, I do believe you should.  Perhaps you will give it some thought?

MR EDINGTON:  Give what thought?

LEXUS DU PONTE:  What I proposed?

MR. EDINGTON:  Are you threatening me, Mrs. Du Ponte?

LEXUS DU PONTE:  I’m simply negotiating.

MR. EDINGTON(he laughs)  You are quite the charmer.

LEXUS DU PONTE:  Mr. Edington, please consider the validity of my claims.

MR. EDINGTON:  You do know what your husband is up against?

LEXUS DU PONTE:  Why certainly…

MR. EDINGTON:  But do you really know?

LEXUS DU PONTE: (she laughs)  Oh, Mr. Edington, you are a fortunate man.

MR. EDINGTON:  Why’s that?

LEXUS DU PONTE:  Because I didn’t slice open your throat.

MR. EDINGTON:  Excuse me?!

LEXUS DU PONTE:  I said, you are most lucky I haven’t sliced open your throat.

(Mrs. Lexus Du Ponte places a knife against Mr. Edington’s chest)

MR. EDINGTON:  Woman, have you left yourself?

LEXUS DU PONTE:  You speak to that Mr. Chambers with haste or you will be the first to go.  You tell him what I said.  He is to issue back the Baker Railroad permit and allow Charles to complete the construction or everything Mr. Chambers has ever known will be destroyed.  Do you understand?

MR. EDINGTON:  Just who the hell do you think you are?

(Mrs. Du Ponte presses knife harder against Mr. Edington)

LEXUS DU PONTE:  Not me, Mr. Edington…my relations.  Are we agreed?

MR. EDINGTON:  Yes, yes, certainly, we are agreed.

(Mrs. Du Ponte removes the blade from Mr. Edington’s chest)

LEXUS DU PONTE:  Run along now errand boy and be sure to carry out your mission.  Godspeed, Mr. Edington.

(Mr. Edington puts on his hat and leaves)


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