Going, Going, Gone

Kierna is a devoted wife and mother to say the least.  She is efficient at everything she does but it takes its toll on her.  Being great at everything is no easy task, even for someone as remarkable as Kierna.  In this monologue she vents in the middle of her kitchen out-loud for all to hear.

KIERNA: Rushing.  That’s all I do…RUSH.  I am a professional rusher.  I rush to the market, rush to get my nails done, rush to get my hair done, rush to cook dinner, rush at work, rush to pick up my mother, rush to do the laundry, rush to pick the kids up from school.


…Sick of it.  I need a break.  I need time for myself.  I feel unappreciated and I should be.  I feel unloved and I should be.  People take advantage of me and it’s sickening.  When is MY time going to come?  When will I be the one catered to?  All day long, I do this, I do that, I run here, I run there.  And all the while I get moans and grunts and sour puss faces and no respect!

I take shit from my boss, my husband, my mother, the kids and I have had it.  I’m packing my shit and I am going, going, gone.

When I’m dead and buried is when you will all realize.

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