Gotta Go

In Gotta Go, Vinzo makes a final call to his brother-in-law because he’s about to kill himself and wants an important message related to a loved one.

VINZO: Hey Rico, how’s it going man?  I’m just calling to tell you I’m gonna blow my brains out.  I want you to tell your crazy sister that although she’s a nutbag, I love her.  You got that?  No, I’m not kidding with you.  I’m holding my piece right now.  Soon as I hang up this phone, I’m doing it.  I just called so you can give her the final message for me so she knows cause we got into another argument last night and I’m done.  You understand?  I’m done with all the drama now so…yeah, will you give her my message?  Listen, shut up and just tell me you will give her my message.  Stop wasting your breath.  Are you—are you—STOP CUTTING ME OFF!!!


Motherfu—will you give her my message Rico?  Thanks.

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