Grandpa Smells Like Hot Dogs

In the kid monologue, Grandpa Smells Like Hot Dogs, Allen talks to his Grandpa about the hot dog smell he receives when going over his Grandparents house.

ALLEN:  Grandpa, can I ask you something?  (beat)  Do you like hot dogs?  (beat)  Yeah?  …Do you eat lots of hot dogs?  (beat)  Oh.  Cause, you smell like hots dogs and I was wondering, why do you smell like hot dogs if you don’t really eat them so much?  (beat)  Yeah, you do, every time I come over I smell it and the closer I get to you the stronger I smell it, so…and Grandma, Grandma smells like mustard, so, I thought maybe you and Grandma ate a lot of hot dogs….does Grandma like mustard?

Joseph Arnone


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