Green Green Jelly Bean

In Green Green Jelly Bean, PAV works his magic as a street photographer to get photos for his blog but his eccentric ways sometimes have bad results.

PAV:  Excuse me, excuse me, hi, hi, can I take your photo?  Just one photo.  I take photos for my blog site and I like what you’re wearing.  It’s nice.  So nice.  If you don’t mind.  Yeah. I have high reach.  Many visitors.  They come to see my photos of the fashion trends I find in the street.

Can I take your photo?

Just one?  One photo?  I love your green jacket.  It’s lovely, so lovely.  Can I take it?  Can I?  No?  Not one photo?  Just one?

Fine bitch walk away.  I was nice.  Wasn’t I nice, bitch?  Bitch.  You are such a bitch.  Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, big apple pie eating bitch on a lonely night with no friends, watching old classic love movies cause you have no lover and you wish you had a manicure and pedicure and better make-up bitch and all that’s nice about you is that raggedy old faded green jacket you be wearing like a damn fool cause it’s all you got, wearing the same damn jacket day in and day out cause you got nothing else to wear.  You’re so faded.  Pfff!

…I’m just teasing.  No, no, don’t hit me, I’m just teasing.  It’s on my blog.  It’s part of my shtick.  I’m the eccentric photo guy.  When someone says no to a photo I perform my rude shtick.  There’s vids and everything you can see for yourself.

Once.  Yeah.  I got slapped once.  It’s comedy.  It’s part of my funny ha ha shtick.

Okay.  Sorry.  I wasn’t serious.  I was just being silly.  I do like your jacket though, for real, it’s gorgeous.  Yeah, it’s hot.  It is.  I love it.  Green, green jellybean, ha ha.  Okay, carry on, sorry to have bothered you.

Joseph Arnone


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