Gum Sculptures

In Gum Sculptures, a local news channel is interviewing young Robbie as he talks to them about how he started making gum sculptures.

Robbie: You know why I’m always chewing gum?  Cause it helps me think.

I used to stick my gum on my bedroom wall, blue, lime green, pink, white and strawberry covers my entire wall.  It’s a pretty cool collage of gum that I’ve made.

There are some guys that play with legos.  Heck, there’s even some people that make art, even have their constructions in museums.

I started chewing gum pieces and got into building things.  I was swinging my baseball bat at a piece of gum, trying to hit it forever.  When I finally nailed it, it stuck to the bat.  I don’t know why but I just let it sit there.  I was chewing another piece of gum and tried to hit it with my bat but when I finally did, that piece stuck to the first piece.

Then I got to thinking, what if I started sticking pieces of gum to pieces of gum and actually make something, like a sculpture.  I got my friend Donnie to help me, not with making the sculpture but just with helping me chew up all them pieces and I made my first creation…a gum bat all made out of gum!

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