Gym Class Fight

Gym Class Fight is a teen/kid drama monologue. ELIOT explains to his principle why he fought with schoolmate Timmy in gym class.

ELIOT: We were playing dodge ball and Timmy threw the ball at my face.  I fell on the floor and my nose started bleeding.  He was laughing at me so I got mad and pushed him.  Then we started fighting and Mr. Michael’s stopped the fight.  Timmy always tries to pick on me and I finally had enough.  I’m sorry that this had to happen because I don’t want to be in trouble in school.  My mom is going to be very upset with me now but I don’t like being made fun of.  Timmy has been picking on me since the beginning of the school year.  My dad told me to stand up for myself and I did.  That’s what I did.

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