H2H Marketing In The Actor’s Arena

In marketing there are common phrases known as B2B or B2C.  You can learn a thing or two about actor marketing for your actor’s arena.

You can learn so much about acting without actually studying acting.  When you educate yourself in other subjects, it can only serve you well with your chosen profession.  You will open up your brain to new ways of thinking.

What is the actor’s arena?

The actor’s arena is a phrase used to encourage the actor to fight for their career.

Human to Human.  No matter what industry you are in, it’s about human beings.  Actors especially, not only create characters to portray but also perform these human beings for other human beings.

I think there’s a tendency to forget that.  When you keep the H2H idea in mind, it sort of has a way of keeping you on track.  You see, many times as actors we can get lost in the spin of career, career and career.  It is part of the animal of things but your core value as an actor should never get derailed.

When you consider having a blog or using social media or developing your own web series, you need to think about the H2H element of it all.  I gave a recent example in an article I wrote called How Actors Can Diversify Their Content and in that article I briefly talk about how actors can utilize their own life’s journey into their online presence by writing or producing video content.  There is also a key word I use…sharing.  One of the most important things to remember when it comes to expressing yourself is to provide value.  It can’t be about you and your needs, your career, your success if it doesn’t add up to sharing something of value for people through:

  • Entertainment
  • Education

You don’t ever want to get lost in the shuffle of selling yourself as an actor 24/7. Yes, that is part of the equation but the sum total can’t be arrived at by itself.  You have to incorporate a sense of sharing something that will have meaning in someone else’s life in some way.

If you look back on YouTube these last number of years, you have a ton of young teenage girls sharing make-up tips and building up these enormous followings. You have gamers and pranksters entertaining the hell out of people and they too have huge audiences.

I’m not saying you need to now go and jump on Youtube and start a make-up show but the analogy certainly applies to this conversation.  You need to contemplate how what you have to offer will not only give you your own platform but also help other human beings with what you are communicating on your platform.  Find your own voice and give it time.  It doesn’t have to be a personal journey type thing either, that’s just an example I’ve used.  You are a creator so develop a project that you can express yourself through.  I strongly believe that with the democratization of production technology, there are no excuses for any actor or creative in general to not get something going.  Anything is possible.


Remember to give value.  People know and feel the difference and it truly matters. On the other side of the screen is a human being.