Hardcore G

In the drama monologue Hardcore G, Z talks to a close friend about how he isn’t living up to his life’s promise and needs to clean up his act.

Z: I wish you weren’t so difficult to be around at times.  I’ve always thought that you and me would conquer the world.  You are more like an ill patient I have to constantly worry about than the hardcore g I thought you to be.

You drink too much!  When are you going to stop drinking and popping pills and running away from your fears?  When?!

You don’t think I have fears man?  I’m scared to death with what I have going on but yo, life’s too short for me to go on like there will always be a tomorrow.  Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, bro.

I want you to roll with me cause I know you’re loyal and talented but you are falling behind and I can’t carry you with me.  I have enough weight on my shoulders.

Be stronger!  Stop giving in to your weaknesses.  Find it!  If I can, you can.

You need to clean yourself up if you want to team up with me.  It’s the only way I can fully take you seriously.

I don’t want to hear about anything else coming out of your mouth, other than that you are straightening up and ready to give it everything.

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