Hold Your Head Up High, Dad

In the monologue, Hold Your Head Up High, Dad, Jason sits at the bedside of his incoherent father and the following words are what he expresses.

Jason:  Why do you go around acting like you aren’t good enough?  (beat)  You’ve always been good enough.

When I was a kid you were my idol…everything you did, I wanted to do…the way you would sit, laugh, posture…I imitated everything.  Do you remember that time you caught me sitting just like you in the pizzeria?  (he laughs)


Yeah, you’ve made mistakes, yeah, perhaps your life wasn’t what you’ve wanted it to be, choices you made that you can’t take back and now time has caught up…I know, I know…so the story goes for all of us.

You’re not perfect but neither am I.  We all make mistakes.  We all say things we shouldn’t have said, done things we shouldn’t have done…not one person walking this planet is perfect…not one.

And it’s okay.  You hear me?  It’s okay cause I love you and every bad thing you’ve ever felt or did, I’ve turned it around for you in my own life…I’ve led the charge Dad and all your regrets and pains and sorrows, all that shit you carry inside of you…let it go, cause I’ve got it…all of it and I’m destroying it for you and our entire family.


You’re still my idol.  Don’t ever forget that.

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