Holy Satisfied

In the scripted scene “Holy Satisfied”, Dinston talks to Chickie about a secret field that has frequent alien visitations.  1 woman, 1 man.  Serio-Comedy.

Holy Satisfied

Dinston: There.  That’s the last of it.

Chickie: I think you got it all.

Dinston: Good, good.

Chickie: I must say that was fascinating to watch. How do you feel?

Dinston: A bit weak in the knees but holy satisfied.

Chickie: Was it like a religious experience then?

Dinston: It felt like an exorcism.

Chickie: Wild man, that sh’t was wild.

Dinston: Whew!

Chickie: Ha! You must be hungry.

Dinston: I’m good. (beat) So happy that’s done. Been on my mind since forever.

Chickie: What’s next?

Dinston: Spent so much time wanting to do it, now that I’ve done it, I’m a bit sad it’s all over.

Chickie: No more worry.

Dinston: I wish there was a way to maintain some kind of path.

Chickie: How so?

Dinston: Oh, I’m wondering if whether or not I should give a damn about anything anymore. I keep getting new ideas but—hell, none of them mean anything.

Chickie: Can I go with you? For your next idea?

Dinston: Hold on, you haven’t even heard about it.

Chickie: I’m sure it’s wild.

Dinston: I feel differently about you now.

Chickie: Why?

Dinston: You seem like you’re going to take up my time. I let you watch but now, you can blow off.

Chickie: I don’t want to.

Dinston: Then I will.

Dinston walks.

Chickie: Wait! I want to know your next idea.

Dinston: My idea? What’s it to you anyway? I don’t think you have a clue about anything.

Chickie: Hey, I watched you, you should at least give me something.

Dinston: I didn’t need you to watch me. You asked to watch me. I said fine but I didn’t need you to be there.

Chickie: I have my own idea. You can keep yours.

Dinston: I’m not happy now. I shouldn’t have allowed you to watch me. I think I’ve made an enormous mistake.

Chickie: No. I needed to watch you.

Dinston: Why?

Chickie: Same reason as you needed to vomit. We all have our reasons for needing things I guess. Right?

Dinston: But those reasons are all a waste of time. I mean, even what I just did is a huge waste of time…isn’t it?

Chickie: Please tell me your idea.

Dinston: …There’s a field and in this field there are creatures that come out at night, birdlike, at 2a.m. on the dot, they swoop down from the stars and rest on your shoulders. They carry you far up and into the sky and you go so high that you eventually get to see the whole world. When they release their hold of you, you float downward nice and gently until you land back onto the field like a feather landing on grass.

Chickie: You’re lying! Ain’t no such thing!

Dinston: You asked me, I told you.

Chickie: You can’t breathe that high up.

Dinston: With them you can.

Chickie: Take me there!

Dinston: No.

Chickie: You’re no better than me.

Dinston: It’s not what you think.

Chickie: You make it sound so dreamy.

Dinston: Ain’t nothing dreamy about nothing.

Chickie stares up at the sky.

Chickie: My friend Beverly wants to jump off the earth.

Dinston: How she gonna go and do a thing like that?

Chickie: Same as you do.

Dinston: Hmm.

Chickie: Yeah. I’ll just get her to take me when she figures it out.

Dinston: Fine by me.

Chickie: But I am gonna tell her what you told me about the field.

Dinston: Okay.

Chickie: Can you tell me where it’s located?

Dinston: No.

Chickie: It’s not even for me, it’s for my friend.

Dinston: It’s not up to me.

Chickie: But it’s not for me. It’s for her. You don’t understand…

Dinston: I have to meet her first. The only way.

Chickie: What for?

Dinston: I can’t go telling any old person where the field is…no one supposed to know, you follow?

Chickie: Why you know?

Dinston: Because I do.

Chickie: Wanna meet her now?

Dinston: No.

Chickie: Why not?

Dinston: Because I have other things to not do right now.

Chickie: Don’t you think it was fate us meeting?

Dinston: No.

Chickie: I do. I think it was fate. You see, I’ve been gone missing for three whole weeks now. My family hasn’t seen me, my friends haven’t seen me. I’ve been hiding out. Been sleeping at the school, my old high school, where I went, and I know this secret spot that nobody ever goes to, so I sleep there and I have access to the entire school for the entire night. It’s like living in a giant mansion all to my own and it’s so quiet, most quiet place ever and I’ve been reading a lot, been reading books in the library and growing my brain cause I’m really dumb, never paid attention in school and now that I can’t go back to school it’s up to me to learn things and so I spend my time in the library reading books about everything and everybody and I know things that most people don’t know—but I came out here for the first time tonight and you’re the very first person I’ve seen in three whole weeks so that makes it fate.

Dinston: What books you been reading?

Chickie: Like the origins of things.

Dinston: Name one.

Chickie: Like words. I like words. I like to figure out the origins of words and what they mean and how they evolve. The way they sound and feel versus their true meaning.

Dinston: Hmmm. Tell you what…we can meet at that new ice cream parlor that’s opened up. I love me some ice cream. Craving. Bring your friend–

Chickie: Beverly.

Dinston: Right, bring Beverly let’s say 2p.m. That okay with you?

Chickie: Works for me it seems.


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