As Hot As A SSSun Baked Potato

In As Hot As A SSSun Baked Potato, RAMONE fusses with a client’s hair.  As he plays and flips her hair around he delivers the following monologue.

RAMONE:  Mmmmm, hello, let me look at you.  Mmmmmm.  You’re gorgeousss.  Abssssolutely ssstunning.  I’m going to tell you sssomething now, when I run my fingersss through your hair, you will never feel the sssame way again.  When I am done with you, you will be transsssformed into the mossst delicate unplucked flower.  Mmmmm.

We will cover your hair with a golden brown masssk with sss sss ssstreaks of violent red and rich wavinessth.  We will raise the body of your voracious hair and make it ssscream with delight.  The bangss will drop right above your eyebrowsss.  SSsoo good.  Making your eyess pop sssooo bright.

Mmmmm.  When you wake up in the morning you will be picture perfect.  Ready to take on the harshesth of weather conditionsth.

Your hair will be a forcsse that no outside influencsse can alter.  And you know why?  Because you’re as hot as a sssun baked potato.  Whatever that meansth..

Joseph Arnone


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