How Lucid Dreaming Can Enhance Your Creativity

Can lucid dreaming help actors increase their imagination?  Lucid dreaming is the art of becoming conscious within your dreams and in this article we share with you 10 steps to help you explore lucid dreaming in your own creative life.

A subject that isn’t discussed enough with actors and all various sorts of artists is how lucid dreaming can open up your imagination in your waking life. Almost every great actor taps into a different realm when acting, one often describes this as an aura or a presence, it is often the actor tapping into their vast imagination.

Most actors use meditation which is extremely helpful in assisting the imagination, but what if you could continue to learn and grow as an artist while you sleep? We spend a third of our lives sleeping so why not put this time to good use, tapping into our subconscious and learning things about our body and spirit whilst we sleep. That is why I would like to share the importance of lucid dreaming with you.

Many people don’t believe that they have the ability to lucid dream, but with patience, the majority of us are capable of it. Not only are we capable of it but it isn’t difficult to achieve, soon it will become a habit and a large part of your life.

For those of you who mostly dream positive dreams, this is a great way to take those dreams further and really be taken on an experience during your sleeping life. The great thing about lucid dreaming is that you never wake up exhausted, these dreams can truly inspire you to live out to your full potential as an artist and guide you spiritually in ways that you never thought possible. You may even meet your idols in these dreams, have in-depth conversations with them or visit places you’ve always wanted to visit. Through lucid dreaming, you can unravel your past, mend relationships and create a more intimate relationship with yourself. If you have perhaps lost a love one, you can reconnect with them, if you are scared of the stage, you can use your dreams to overcome this fear. Dreams can fill us with emotions, deepen our wisdom and give us a unique voice, if we allow them to. Let’s now discuss the simple way to achieve this dream state:

What you need: A notebook, a pen.


Step 1: As you begin to prepare yourself for a night of sleep, make sure that you feel cleansed of any thoughts. Rubbing a touch of lavender oil on your wrists and neck can help with this process. Put your notebook on your bedside.

Step 2: Lay down on your bed, let your arms rest by your side. Let your palms face upwards.

Step 3: Take some deep breaths in and out, till your heart rate slows down. Repeat a couple of times to yourself  ‘I know that I will be dreaming’.

Dream State:

Step 4: Avoid any urge to move, there should be no movement in your body whatsoever, except the movement of your breathing.

Step 5: Allow yourself to let go, let your mind drift and not think of anything.

Step 6: Images will come to you, be open to them, follow them, do not judge them.

Lucid State:

Step 7: Allow your mind to follow these images and see where they take you.

Step 8: Your body will be asleep but your mind will be awake, taking you somewhere else.

Waking up:

Step 9: 6-8 hours later, upon awakening, allow yourself to slowly wake up. Be careful here as any fast movement or rapid thoughts can make you forget the dream.

Step 10: Write in your notebook whatever images or fragments of conversations that you remember.

Bear in mind that It may or may not take a while before you have an actual lucid dream but you will be surprised by what you can experience during your sleep by using this technique every night. As these techniques begin to work, you can additionally purchase a tape recorder to record any speech you may have spoken throughout the dream state. You may also look into getting an alarm lamp, or even a specialized ‘dream light’ which can wake you up in the middle of the night, allowing yourself to fall deeper into your lucid dream. Enjoy the adventure.

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