How Noah Got His First Fat Lip

‘How Noah Got His First Fat Lip’ is a kid monologue where NOAH explains to his mother how he got a fat lip from his playmate Michael.

NOAH:  I didn’t like what he did, Mom.  We were playing in the front yard and a bird swooped down heading straight for us and it flew right over our heads and crashed into the side of the house.

The bird was on the ground trying to get up and fly away but Michael grabbed a lid from the garbage and trapped the bird.  He covered the bird and it couldn’t get out.

I didn’t know what to do but I kept hearing the bird moving under the lid and I told Michael, I told him to leave the bird alone but he kept laughing and I said to take the lid off but he would listen, Mom.  So, I pushed him.  I pushed him off the bird and I through the lid and the bird got up and flew away but that’s when Michael punched me in my face and how I got this fat lip.

Joseph Arnone


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