How Sick I Am

How Sick I Am is a dark dramatic monologue in which Tobey talks outloud about how he fears no man and lives with an anger inside his chest.

Tobey: I know I’m off in the head.  I admit it, freely.  Why fight it?  But it’s tame, I keep the dark side in solitary confinement.  There is one curiosity about it though…if the day ever comes when he comes out and stays out.

There’s this angry person living inside of me…I mean, he’s the scariest being I’ve ever encountered…just breathing under the surface…waiting…waiting…waiting…

There is not one man on this planet that I don’t feel I can swallow up whole…I’ve come across a few crazies in my time and it’s always the same when we lock eyes…always the same.

Maybe it’s my mother’s fault.  Maybe she loved me too damn much.  Maybe it was my father’s fault.  Maybe he neglected me too often.

Joseph Arnone