How To Be A Better Boss

In this drama monologue, Ashcroft talks to a member of his staff that has been talking negative about him and he wishes to come to terms with the issue.

Ashcroft:  The problem that I have with you is that you talk out of both sides of your mouth.  You act one way with me to my face and another when my back is turned.

Shhh.  Just listen.  I’ve been around the block, multiple times, so please, out of any decency you have left for me, don’t lie.

I know for a fact that you’ve been talking smack because I have people who I do trust, come to me and tell me what they’ve overheard you say.

So you are caught.

But here’s the twist, I’m not going to fire you.  No.  I don’t want to go that way with you.  This is an opportunity for both of us.

You see, I’m pissed.  I am furious…at myself.

There is no reason why the things that have been reported to me should exist.  I don’t want you to feel that way about me.  No.  I want you and I to take this opportunity to rebuild our relationship.

I’m not letting you go.  You can leave, I mean, I’m not holding you here.  You can leave at any time but if you stay, I want us to rethink, recalibrate and recommit to being on good terms.

Tell me.  I want you to tell me what you expect and want from me.  How can I be a better boss to you and to all my employees?  I would like your opinion because it matters to me a great deal.

Yes, the things that were said were hurtful but I have to believe that there is a significant reason why you feel the way you do.

So, please…tell me how I can do a better job.

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