How To Be Like Me

In How To Be Like Me, ALESSANDRO CLEMENTE adds a phone video to his ‘story’ after parking his car for work in the company parking lot.

ALESSANDRO: Hi, I’m Alessandro Clemente and each morning at 6 a.m., I take it up the ass and you can too…HERE’S HOW…

Number One, make sure you hate your job.  Number Two, make sure you have to travel far to get to your job. Number Three, make sure your boss hates your guts.  Number Four, make sure you hate your bosses guts.  Number Five, make sure the cafeteria coffee tastes like absolute watered down shit.  Number Six, make sure your colleagues are all faceless animals.  Number Seven, make sure you don’t get any lunch breaks.  Number Eight, make sure you are overworked and underpaid.  Number Nine, make sure there is seasonal overtime.  Number Ten, make sure you will never ever ever ever get one raise.

There you have it.  My name is Alessandro Clemente and I approve this message.


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