How To Choose the Best Monologue

Monologue Blogger would like to share with you 3 Tips for helping you choose the best monologue that suits your needs for an audition.

There are times when this can be difficult because you are not sure what’s working for you and what isn’t.

Here are a few tips that will make life a bit easier for you when picking a good monologue for those confusing moments.

How To Choose the Best Monologue

1: Choose A Monologue That Will Stimulate You

What do I mean by stimulate?  A monologue that you have an emotional reaction to.  A vibe.  A magnetic impulse that pulls you into it for some strange reason.

Basically, any monologue that grabs your interest be it intellectually as well of course.

When reading monologues, it’s always important to select one that motivates you to express something about the human condition that you believe is worth sharing.

Something that affects your heart, not only your mind.

Acting is about humanity and when you read monologue material that affects your heart, that’s usually a good place to start.

Monologue Challenge

2: Choose A Monologue That Challenges You

Don’t make life easy for yourself when it comes to acting.  Don’t take a short cut.

Always work with material that is going to give you a bit of a challenge in order to grow in your work.  Even when it brings you fear.  If a monologue scares you, chase it.  Don’t let it chase you.

It’s good to choose something that is a bit foreign to you because it will lead you to discover some new territory in your craft.

Keep out of your comfort zone even if you nudge.  A nudge forward into unmarked territory only makes room for you to become a better actor.

The more you explore, push, challenge, screw up…the better you become.

3: Choose A Monologue That You Can Explore

A good monologue is a monologue that leaves room for you to explore. Break the mold by injecting your own creativity into it by trying something new and different from your imagination.

Don’t settle if you think you’ve found what works.  Use it but then break the mold again to discover other ways of reaching the end result.  Stay inventive.

Keep trying out new ideas or else your monologue may become stagnant over time.

Never get comfortable.

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Monologues From Plays

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