How to Meet with Casting Directors

Getting seen by casting directors is sometimes the most challenging aspect in the beginning of an acting career.

It’s important for casting directors to know about you so when an audition does comes up, you have a working connection.

It is part of the actor’s path to keep yourself fresh in the minds of those who can get you in the room and eventually help to get you book a role.

How to Meet with Casting Directors

1: Equity Principle Auditions “EPA’s”: Equity Principle auditions are held in most of the major cities. Non-Equity actors are welcome to attend EPA’s, and if they get there early enough and the casting personnel are willing to see non-equity actors, then there is a strong possibility of getting seen by the casting director.

As Equity states, “Actors who are not members of Equity are welcome to attend Equity auditions as our guests, provided that the casting personnel at the audition are willing to see non-Equity actors at that audition. There is never any guarantee that any non-Equity actors will be seen at an Equity audition.”

2: Casting Classes and Workshops: You’ve spent a good amount of money investing in your training as an actor, whether it’s years in college or classes but yet there are other investments to consider.  In addition to your actor headshot, casting sites and your own website, you can also consider taking casting workshops.

There are places like Actors Connection which hold regular classes with reputable casting directors that will give you advice and guidance on auditioning. This is one way to introduce yourself to industry professionals to gain valuable insight and information to the overall process of casting.

Depending on the class you may also have valuable one on one time.  Either way, the key is to educate yourself by asking questions as well as receiving the benefits of collaborating with a casting director on a scene or monologue.

When you have the chance to work with a casting director a relationship has been established.  Therefore, when you have an audition and it happens to be the same casting director that you have met, you are only giving yourself ample opportunity to keep proving your work to them and helping them to get to know you and your work as an actor.

3. Free Talks and Seminars: Keep up to date with your local film and theatre community. Sometimes casting directors will hold seminars at film festivals, local theaters and cinemas. You may even get the chance to submit your headshot/resume in person.


Always remember that it’s your job as an actor to get yourself out there.  If you follow our tips, you will only increase your chances of being seen and getting cast.

Casting directors are always on the hunt for talent.  Make their jobs easier by attending events, going to workshops and consistently thinking outside the box to be seen in a professional manner.

Social media is also one more way to connect online that can translate itself to in person opportunities.

Keep an open mind, work consistently and good things will come.

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