Hurry Up, Playa

This is a short acting scene between two brothers for actors to use in drama class, film practice or an actor demo reel video.  

Hurry Up, Playa

L: What are you doing with yourself today?

T: Nothing.

L: Just gonna sit on the couch all day long?

T: So?

L: So, why don’t you do something with yourself?

T: I am.  Watching t.v.

L: I mean, actually physically doing something with yourself.  Call up your friends.  Go out.

T: I like my shows.

L: Dude, you’re sixteen.  You should be out doing things, discovering life or whatever it is teenagers do.

T: Stop telling me what to do.

L: I’m just saying.

T: Just leave me alone, Lou.

L: Todd, listen man, I’m not trying to tell you what to do, alright?  I’m just trying to get you motivated to do something more then sitting on the couch all day every day it seems.  (beat) Don’t you want to go out and see your friends?  Talk to girls and stuff?

T: No.

L: Why not?

T: Cause I don’t want to, okay?  Is that okay with you?

L: I want you to enjoy your youth man.  Being home all summer long is not cool.  You’re gonna regret not going out and having fun.

T: There’s nobody to hang out with.

L: …What about that kid, Fester?  What happened to Fester?

T: He’s no good.

L: Really?  I thought you guys were good friends.

T: He’s a traitor.  (beat) He told Mary, the girl I like at school that I’m into her and since she knows she doesn’t talk to me…not that she ever really did but now it’s awkward cause she knows…so, forget him.

L: Isn’t there anybody else you know…to chill out with?

T: …Not really…nope.

L: That sucks.

T: Actually, yeah it does.

L: Luckily for you I happen to be your brother.  So, we’re going out.  You’re coming with me.

T: Where?

L: I’ve been talking to this girl and she’s got a younger sister your age.

T: What school?

L: Who knows?  Who cares?

T: I don’t think I want to go.

L: What?

T: I don’t want to go, Lou.  Stop making me do stuff.

L: Hey bro, this old man fat kid shit isn’t gonna work with me as your older brother.  You understand?  Go shower up.  I’ll give you some money, clothes and cologne and you’re coming to chill with me and see how to actually have some game.  I can’t stand seeing you like this.  You’re my brother man, you have to have some skill if you’re related to me.

T: I have no skill.  I’m not like you at all.

L: Listen to me, it’s all about confidence.  With everything, with friends, girls, life in general, it’s about confidence and how you handle yourself.

T: I don’t have confidence.

L: Yes you do…you just forget.  Remember when we were messing around in the backyard and you crushed that fast baseball I threw at you?  I mean you buried it.  And you did it more than once.  Right?

T: Yeah.

L: You were the man that day.  That was confidence.

T: I was confident only because I actually did something.  I don’t have…I’m, I get nervous.

L: Nervous about what?

T: Girls…all people in general.

L: Well, you talk with me just fine.

T: That’s cause you’re my brother. That’s different.

L: Actually, it’s the same shit. The way you talk to me is how you should talk to girls.  Treat girls like they are your friends. Don’t think about your attraction to them, just treat them like a friend.  That’s all.  It takes the edge off and listen.

T: I get tongue twisted and say stupid things and then when it gets quiet I don’t know what to say…I always run out of things to say.

L: That’s because you’re thinking about having things to say instead of talking in the moment the way you are right now.  Don’t think about talking, just talk. Listen, watch how I am, how I talk and chill and it becomes natural.  You won’t even be thinking about anything because you’ll be having so much fun engaging in actual conversation, listening to music (whispers) and other things we keep between us as brothers that you will thank me for later if you stop being such a bitch.

T: I’m not a bitch.

L: No?  Listen playboy, you are now officially under my wing.  By the end of summer, who you are now will be a thing of the past and who you will become will be your true self.

T: That sounds crazy.

L: It is.  But that’s just life and you have to dive in and live it or else it passes you by big boy.  Also, I’m getting your ass on the court.

T: I don’t like basketball.

L: Listen, you like it, you just suck at it.  I have to get you up to speed with a few things and you will be alright.  Taking you to the park and we’re going to fix you up.  The chicks are waiting for us so get in the shower and be fast because I will leave your ass here if you don’t move.

T: Alright, alright.

(smacks him in back of the head)

L: Hurry up, playa.


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