I Don’t Want To Be A Housewife

In I Don’t Want To Be A Housewife, Kendal reacts to her mother pressuring her to put up a load of laundry while in the middle of her studies and this sets off her temper.

Kendal:  Why am I always the target?  You never pick on Dan or Alan, it’s always me.  I’m sick of it!  Tell them to go do something once in a while, you want me to do the laundry when I’m in the middle of homework and studying for exams, like I have nothing better to do this moment Mom and it’s not fair.

Dan and Alan are at the park playing basketball and talking to girls, while I’m trying to get good grades and be something in my life.

Why can’t you see that?  Is it because I’m female that you ask me to do chores like laundry?  You know, they can do their own freaking laundry with their own smelly socks and underwear.  It shouldn’t be me…let them set the table for dinner or do the dishes, why is it always me, me, me.

I’m going to have a career, so stop trying to train me to be a housewife, to cook or to clean and raise kids.  I don’t want that life.  That’s what you chose.  Get it?  I want more than that.

(she storms out of the room)

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