I Don’t Want Your Recipe

In I Don’t Want Your Recipe, Babette argues with her mother over how she needs to back off and allow decisions to be made on her own.

Babette: Stop giving me your recipes to life…stop giving me your advice constantly.  I feel like I’m not allowed to make mistakes on my own.  Whatever I have going on you are constantly there telling me what to do and how to do it.

Back off.  I don’t want to know what you think I should be doing with every little thing.  It’s like I don’t have my own mind and I find myself relying on you over decisions I should be making for myself.

You can’t keep on me like this cause I’m behind.  I look at my friends and they’re all doing their own thing, living their own individual lives and I have to ask your permission for the slightest thing or think what you think if i want to do something on my own without you knowing and it’s messing up my mind.

Let me have my freedom…have trust in my own decisions and support me on my decisions…please, you are too protective and critical of me at times when I need you to be there for me in a different way.

Am I making sense to you?

Joseph Arnone


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