I Liked Her First

In this boy monologue, Sergio tells his brother that his best friend asked the same girl he likes out on a date and feels betrayed.

SERGIO:  Bobby knew I liked Debbie first.  He’s a traitor.  He said he was my best friend.  If he was my best friend he never would have kissed Debbie.  He did it behind my back and I hate him for it.  He lied to me.  He said that he was going to the gym to play basketball after school but what he really did was took Debbie to the ice cream parlor like a sneak.

I don’t ever want to talk to him again!  He can have his stupid video games back and stupid comic books back.  I would throw them out but I can’t throw out Batman or Iron Man…

I hope he never tries to be my friend again.  And I don’t ever want to look at Debbie again.  I don’t want to know them anymore for as long as I live!

Joseph Arnone


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