If My Inner Thoughts Could Speak…

If My Inner Thoughts Could Speak is a spoken word piece that brings about various intonations and interpretations for the artist to work on.

If my inner thoughts could speak about you, here’s what I’d say…

You were wrong about me.  You’ve strengthened me.  You fuel my passions, my fire, my energy.  I appreciate you because it’s the growing group of you that makes me rise up when I’m weak…on days I feel like giving up, I think of you and it motivates me to rock my shit hard.  You feel me?

The downers, the haters, the bitches and the fakers, all of you combined I face singlehandedly, as I climb to a goal in my mind that only I foresee, that only I can touch, that only I will reach.  The sweetest payback isn’t the paycheck but something greater than myself…reaching higher, while the echoes in my mind grow fainter.

In time, you become my past.  In time, I become your future.


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Joseph Arnone


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