In Your Way

In this dramatic teen monologue, TEDDY tells his older brother what a creep he’s been to him throughout his life even though he’d still be loyal to him. 

TEDDY:  You’re my older brother and you’ve never treated me like a brother.  You’ve never taken me out with your friends or talked to me about girls…never let me borrow your car or throw me some pocket money to go out with my own friends and have a good time.  You always tease me and push me around and pick on me…

You’ve never been cool with me.  You always want to have this authority over me like you need to be my boss cause you’re my older brother and I hate that…why can’t you ever just be my friend?

Why?  Why can’t we ever be friends and hang out?  Why do you hate me so much?!

If I was your older brother, I would be the coolest brother to you.  I’d give you a reason to look up to me…I’d make sure you’d never resent me and I would guide you throughout life and be there to look out for you when things got tough…you don’t know anything about me and what goes on in my life.  I’m just somebody who’s always in your way and I don’t want to be in your way, I want to be your brother!!

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