Inching Toward Nothingness

In this drama monologue, T talks to his good friend about how he wastes his time and energy on nonsense.

T: I think you’re starting to slowly inch your way towards losing your mind…not in a complete way but enough to where I’m becoming greatly concerned.

Look, I understand where you are coming from, with your philosophies and what you believe in but no one wants to hear you and forgive me for saying this but you’re just not smart enough to make that big of a difference.  I know that sounds pretty harsh to say, I get it, if you want to punch me dead in the face but who else is going to tell you the truth?

Spitting logic that dates back to hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, trying to hunt out where we stem from and how that applies to today’s society is a big waste of time.  It’s like walking around with a big head full of knowledge that you can’t do anything with, anyway.

How can you apply that new found information to your life and to other lives?  You can’t.  You can’t because no one truly gives a damn.  You may give a damn but again, what difference is that going to make?  So now you have this wisdom…great…what next?  Do you follow me or what?

Either figure out a way to apply this genius knowledge that will solve the world’s greatest mysteries or trash it and actually achieve something that matters.

There’s no in between.

Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is the founder and creative director of Monologue Blogger. He also makes films and theatre projects.