In short drama monologue Insides, WARDA shares her process of playing music and the way in which she experiences her playing.

WARDA: This temptation I have, it pulls itself out from my insides.  An unknown, invisible hunger I cannot explain…it’s never satisfied, never fulfilled and it always aches, right here…(touches her heart)

It’s the only way that I fly.

It’s like being taken off the ground and used to share something with an emotional currency and vibrancy that others will connect with…I open myself up to what is being expressed through me.  My only challenge is to keep the portal open and allow all of this harmony to play their notes through my soul.

That’s what this work is like for me when I exercise it.  And I don’t do drugs to be there. I’ve tried and it warps my concentration.  I’m not able to give a barometer to it.

Besides, I wouldn’t lessen the work in such a way.  Not now.

(she smiles)

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